Saturday, April 9, 2016

Bahamas 2016

I took the boys on a cruise to the Bahamas for Spring Break this year.  Brandon was truly missed and next time he will be with us.  We went with Brandon's mom and his Aunt Alice.  We had a blast! We were supposed to go to Half Moon Cay, but the water was too choppy for the tenders to get us to the island, so we headed for our second destination a day early.  In Nassau, the boys and I went snorkeling and Snuba diving.  We had a great day.  Then we wnt back to the ship to eat lunch and change.  We spent the afternoon exploring Nassau and shopping.  The boys were so excited to have different activities for the kids to do. Isaiah turned into a little fish and swam every day for at least a few hours if not more, in between swimming he headed for the ice cream machine.   Braxton stayed out until 1am most nights and Isaiah stayed up until after 10pm.  Both were satisfied with the staying up time given.  Being a single mom on this trip was different for me and an adjustment, but the cruise made it easy to get some down time too.   We stayed in Charelston, SC and went to visit Middleton Plantation, it was beautiful, and educational.  After dropping Brenda and Alice at the airport, the boys and I went to visit the Charleston, SC Aquarium.  We were invited to go behind the scenes and see how they prepare the food for the animals and watch the scuba divers cleaning out the tanks.  One of the scuba divers brought the boys a sharks tooth from the bottom of the tank.  They loved it! 

Half Moon Cay.  We only got to see it from a a distance.  The water was too choppy for the tenders.

Brenda and Alice enjoying breakfast
Gangnam Style after dinner.
Aren't they handsome?
Ice Cream Man! This was Isaiah's favorite thing to do.  He ate them after breakfast and in between every meal.

When it's all you can drink hot chocolate, why not?

Nassau Bahamas after shopping

The only of the three Middleton house still standing after the Civil War. They burned all plantations houses during the war.

Just beautiful!

The large trees were just gorgeous!
The plantation's chapel for both whites and slaves.  SC had a law that slaves could not work on Sundays.  

Highlight of the day.  This is a pretty small guy, only about 5 feet long or so.  
Slave quarters for two married families.  Each had one room and the beds were about the size of a twin size mattress, but much shorter.  They shared a kitchen with the two families living there. 


  1. Um how did your boys get so grown up and handsome?! Heart breakers there :) Braxton has braces!? Geez I'm getting old. Looks like a fun trip. Hope we get a chance to see you this summer in UT.

    1. Hope you guys will come visit us in Utah. Will be there from the 19 July - 3 Aug. I'm a little Bias but I think they're pretty handsome boys myself.